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Rewilding Maine’s Southern Beaches

Before last weekend, the last time I had spent any time on Maine’s Southern beaches was a field trip for a geology class in my first year of college (don’t ask the year).  Professor Hussey used the trip to immerse us in the patterns of coastal geology.  In early April we spent a couple of […]

How To Know If You Are A Mainer

The idea of what makes a Mainer intrigues me.  Years ago I wrote about authenticity in Maine literature in an essay about E.B. White and R.P.T. Coffin called Two Pigs from Maine.  More recently, my colleagues and I in UMaine’s School of Economics wrote about survey research we did on environmental values of Maine citizens.  […]

Toilets and Tourists

Maine spends millions of public and private dollars a year attracting tourists, providing them memorable experiences, and trying to lure them back for another visit.  Most of that we do very well and tourism remains a keystone to our economic wellbeing.  There is at least one thing we do poorly – toilets.  The state motto […]